Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard

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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard

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SQL Server 2017 Standard: Secure data management via server and Cloud

The professional management of data is not only indispensable for operational aims, from human resources to distribution. Web-based SQL solutions influence the application fields of websites substantially, and allow for the easy management of datasets in online shops, for example. With SQL Server 2017 Standard, Microsoft has demonstrated new possibilities for the management of databases, and opened itself up for the first time to Linux users. The standard version offers optimum support for databases with manageable data volumes. New features allow for the intelligent analysis of data and make life easier on an administrative level.

Use SQL Server 2017 for all purposes independent of platform

The most significant innovation of the SQL Server 2017 Standard download compared to all previous versions is the possibility of linking the system with a Docker or Linux platform. In the programming language too, users will enjoy full freedom to benefit from the wide range of functions of SQL Server 2017. Alongside easy input and management of datasets of all kinds, use of this software has, for years, been characterised by the highest security standards. The SQL Server 2017 Standard Key will be of interest to companies that invest in the highest standards of data protection and want to put these into practice in an optimum way at a technical level.

Important functions and innovations of the 2017 edition

As well as functioning independent of the language and platform used, from the 2017 version, graph databases offer a new form of data modelling. Through the model, a higher level of abstraction can be reached, which allows additional operations and guarantees a more intelligent way of managing and analysing even larger datasets.
The new “Resumable Online Index Rebuild” function is especially practical for the indexing of larger data volumes. With this function, administrators can pause comprehensive and time-consuming Index Rebuilds and continue these at a more convenient time. With the new function, the Rebuild can be run during night-time hours, for example, so that it does not have any unnecessary influence on urgently required system resources.

Through real-time intelligence, SQL Server 2017 Standard offers a new and improved function for data analysis in real time. With this function, up to one million predictions can be made per second, to give companies valuable insight into the behaviour of customers or internal processes. Together with the new end-to-end BI, it is possible to convert complex data volumes into informative documents without difficulties. SQL Server 2017 Standard demonstrates additional strengths in mobile presentation, allowing all analyses to be requested and viewed easily via a smartphone or tablet.
In addition, the new standard version offers a continuation of all previous well-known functions, which can be retrieved in a high-performance and easily scalable environment. Use of SQL Server 2017 becomes especially worthwhile if companies grow over the course of time, and need to be able to manage and analyse larger data volumes. Transferring to SQL Server 2017 Standard Key from previous versions is, of course, quick and easy to achieve.

Reasonably priced licensing with our SQL Server 2017 Standard Key

For the licensing of this world-famous database solution, Microsoft is following the tried and tested concept of the past few years. A SQL Server 2017 Standard Key can be obtained depending on the number of servers/CALs present; with the enterprise version, on the other hand, licensing is possible depending on the number of cores present. Via our website, users can obtain the correct licence for both versions of SQL Server 2017 Standard: these can be purchased at a reasonable price and downloaded right away. Immediately afterwards, the software can be used in its full version, to replace a pre-existing database system or to entrust data management to this world-famous solution for the first time. Thanks to the new possibility of operating SQL Server 2017 independent of system and platform, our inexpensive licences will be of interest to all users and administrators from companies in all branches.

Platform: platform-independent
Operating system supported: from Windows 8, from Windows Server 2012, Linux and more
Processor: at least x64 processor with 1.4 GHz (2.0 GHz recommended)
Working memory: at least 1 GB (4 GB recommended)
Hard-drive space: 6 GB
Graphics card: Super VGA card, resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels
Sound card: N.A.


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